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The effects of music on our lives is hard to put into words, but Sarfraz Manzoor, who was born in Pakistan and raised in Thatcher era England, can tell you exactly what kind of impact one musician – Bruce Springsteen – had on his once wayward life. Manzoor’s book about The Boss, Greetings from Bury Park, was adapted into a film called Blinded by the Light, which was a breakout hit at Sundance 2019. The nature of music is that it often crosses cultures, which is certainly the case with Turning Tables, a short documentary about a DJ from First Nations named Joshua DePerry (aka Classic Roots). The science behind this subject is also fascinating, a subject explored by Bernadette Gonzalez who works with the Alive Inside Foundation, to understand the effects of music on memory with Alzheimer’s patients. Also, in this show, will be performances and sing-alongs because after all, music brings us together and gives us joy.



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Sarfraz Manzoor

Sarfraz Manzoor was born in Pakistan but grew up in Margaret Thatcher’s England, which provided a variety of challenges for a young, alienated teenager until he found the music of Bruce Springsteen. Manzoor will speak at Original Thinkers as part of our show, What Does Music Really Do to Us? about the impact of the Boss’s music on his once wayward life. He will draw from his memoir, Greetings from Bury Park, as well as a new feature film he wrote called Blinded by the Light, which was a sensation at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

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Chrisann Hessing

A documentary filmmaker based in Toronto, Chrisann Hessing focuses her work on questions of identity, particularly looking for stories that upend cultural and societal expectations. She directed Turning Tables, which screens in Show 4, What Does Music Really Do to Us?

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Joshua “Classic Roots” DePerry

Joshua “Classic Roots” DePerry is a DJ who is creating a new sound that mixes First Nations beats and music into his own electronic compositions. He is also the star of Turning Tables, which will screen in Show 4, What Does Music Really Do to Us?

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Bernadette González

Bernardette González Orta is a scientist who teaches psychology at the Iberoamerican University in Mexico City and is focusing on how to use music to improve the quality of life for the elderly. She works with the Alive Inside organization, which has done a lot of work on Alzheimers and music and will talk about this project in Show 4, What Does Music Really Do to Us?

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Gwen Thompkins

Gwen Thompkins is a New Orleans native, NPR veteran and host of WWNO's Music Inside Out, where she brings to bear the knowledge and experience she amassed as senior editor of Weekend Edition, an East Africa correspondent, the holder of Nieman and Watson Fellowships, and as a longtime student of music from around the world.



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Turning Tables

Directed by: Chrisann Hessing

Runtime: 15 minutes

Music is ever-changing and evolving with genres we have never imagined coming into existence including PowWow Techno. It’s the brainchild of Joshua DePerry, also known as Classic Roots who is a Native Canadian mixing the latest beats with indigenous influences.

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