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Sunday / 10-11:45p / The Big Idea

Feature Film

Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

Marion Stokes felt strongly that information was critical to understanding our society and believed that knowledge could not be taken away. As a result, this largely unknown visionary recorded every news broadcast she could, with VCRs rolling on all sorts of televised programming, resulting in a remarkable archive. The strikingly well-made documentary, Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project, chronicles Stokes’ unusual life but also contextualizes what she was trying to do: use information and knowledge to give American citizens power by understanding what was happening in the world. Filled with big ideas, this documentary seems to speak to our current moment in history, offering real perspective, incisive commentary and a deeper understanding of why real news matters more than ever.


In Conversation

James Fallows, Yael Lavie & Keme Nzerem

A post film panel about the critical nature of news and information.

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