Show 10

Sunday / 5-7p / The Big Idea

The culmination of OT 2019 will be exhilarating and moving. Brandon Victor Dixon has starred on Broadway (Aaron Burr in Hamilton and Berry Gordy in Motown, the Musical) and is now working to raise voter engagement through an exciting new foundation called WeAre. There will also be a sneak screening of a new documentary about a church that has gone through a radical transformation that has made it an even more sacred space. Joining this program will be original thinkers from the weekend who want to share their big idea to change the world. This show, full of surprises, will send you back out into the world ready to make an impact of your own.



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Amanda Blaurock

The Executive Director of the Village Exchange Center, Blaurock is building a new multicultural institution in Aurora, Colorado that brings refugee and immigrant communities together in a retired church.

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Brandon Victor Dixon

A Broadway star, Dixon is also an activist and artist whose mission is to elevate America’s democratic system through his new foundation WeAre.

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Marcel Narucki

Narucki has focused his work as a Lutheran minister on promoting interfaith and multicultural encounters and continues this as the Chairman of the Village Exchange Center in Aurora, Colorado.



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My Father’s House

Church attendance is declining across the nation so one church in Aurora, CO decided to deal with this challenge by taking the cross off the wall and opening their doors to immigrants from across the world, giving them a sacred space to celebrate their holy traditions.

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