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Horrors abound across the globe but somehow, in these challenging precincts, our own decency and kindness can still take a stand. Orlando Von Einsiedel is an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker (White Helmets 2016) and has focused his work on trying to “capture stories of hope from places that appear to be without any,” which is certainly an apt description for Lost and Found, the unforgettable short documentary he made for National Geographic. Nadia Naviwala is a researcher from Pakistan with the Wilson Center who has looked closely at her country’s deeply flawed education system, yet still finds there are people trying to fix this problem. Mac McKinney is featured in the series, “Secret Life of Muslims” by filmmaker Josh Seftel, and his stories are remarkable. McKinney came out of the military, alienated and angry with Muslims, planning to attack a local mosque. When he went to scout it, he was welcomed in as a brother, a reception that changed his life.



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Orlando von Einsiedel

Orlando von Einsiedel’s work takes him to some dark and difficult places but as he says, “I try to capture stories of hope from places that appear to be without any.” That’s work includes THE WHITE HELMETS, which follows the lives of a group of heroic Syrian civilian rescue workers that won an Oscar in 2016. Other films include the riveting conservation thriller, VIRUNGA and EVELYN, a deeply personal story about the loss of his brother to suicide. At Original Thinkers, he will be screening a series of shorts that he made with National Geographic, including the unforgettable Lost and Found, which will be a part of the Humanity Endures show.

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Yael Lavie

Yael Lavie is an Emmy-winning television producer and senior editor who worked for ABC News network for 14 years before returning to her home country of Israel to work for Sky News.

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Richard “Mac” McKinney

After 25 years as a Marine in the armed services, and several tours in the Middle East, Richard "Mac" McKinney came back to the U.S. filled with rage toward Muslims. In what he viewed as a final mission for his country, McKinney planned to blow up the mosque in his Indiana hometown. It was a fateful trip to that mosque -- where he was welcomed by the local Muslim community -- that changed the course of his life. In Turning Hate into Love, McKinney is going to tell us how he not only became a Muslim, but the leader of that very same mosque.  

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Nadia Naviwala

Nadia Naviwala investigates and writes about foreign assistance, civil society, and has done a particular deep dive into the state of education in Pakistan, having visited more than one hundred classrooms across the country. As a part of Show 2, Humanity Endures, she will talk about the largest school system in the world and how to make public education work so it serves everyone, especially women.

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Joshua Seftel

Joshua Seftel is a filmmaker who has worked in documentary, and fiction and has contributed his essays to NPR, This American Life and CBS Sunday Morning. His new series, Secret Lives of Muslims is working to build bridges between Jews and Muslims in the U.S. and will be part of the Humanity Endures show at Original Thinkers.



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Secret Life of Muslims: Richard McKinney

Directed by: Josh Seftel 
Runtime: 5 minutes

After serving in the Middle East for the Marines, Mac McKinney came home to the US, angry with Muslims and planned to bomb a mosque in Muncie, Indiana. After going to an Islamic Center, he was given a Koran, which changed his life, sending him on a new path where he actually converted and became Muslim. 

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Lost and Found

Directed by: Orlando von Einsiedel
Runtime: 21 minutes

Rohingya refugees fleeing ethnic cleansing from the brutal regime in Myanmar, has resulted in an exodus of more than 700,000 Rohingya from their homes into the largest resettlement camps in the world. Lost and Found, directed by Academy Award winner Orlando von Einsiedel (“The White Helmets”, “Virunga"), tells the uplifting story of Kamal Hussein, a Rohingya who has dedicated his life to taking children who get separated and lost from their parents in this sprawling camp and reuniting them.

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