Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

David Holbrooke


David Holbrooke is a filmmaker and cultural entrepreneur, as well as the host and founder of Original Thinkers. In his previous role as the director of Telluride Mountainfilm he inspired and entertained thousands of people every year with his innovative programming and watched nearly three thousand documentaries over the course of a decade. He also directed The Diplomat, a film about his father, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. In this new venture, he seeks to illuminate the role that storytelling plays in a changing society. Holbrooke lives in Telluride, Colorado with his wife Sarah, three kids, two dogs and bunch of chickens (one less after an unfortunate encounter with a hungry bear.)


Nancy Schafer

The Oracle

Nancy Schafer is an independent film producer and consultant. Over the past four years, she’s premiered six feature films at top festivals, all of which have received distribution in the United States. Her last two narrative films, premiered in Competition at SXSW, one of which won the Audience Award. Nancy worked at and ran the Tribeca Film Festival for 11 years—from its inception through 2012. Prior to Tribeca, she created and ran the SXSW Film Festival for eight years.


Gabe Lifton-Zoline


Gabe Lifton-Zoline grew up in Telluride, successfully ran Obama’s campaign in Colorado, worked as a documentary filmmaker and then helped run the media company RYOT.org. All of those skills come together at Original Thinkers where Gabe is focusing on strategic partnerships and long-term direction.


Danielle Jenkins


Danielle Jenkins specializes in experiential education and arts programming. She is passionate about supporting women in the arts and expanding opportunities for youth in resource-poor contexts. Danielle is an ensemble member with Telluride Theatre and company director of the Telluride Dance Collective. Outside of the theatre she can be found at the hockey rink or exploring the desert in her van. Danielle was drawn to Original Thinkers for the opportunities to scheme, dream, problem solve, and build community around shared experiences.


Bebe Bischoff

Employee #1

Bebe is a recent alumnae from Brown University where she transcended traditional academic boundaries and majored in Science, Technology and Society, which uses both rational analysis and interpretive inquiry to respond knowledgeably, reflectively, and responsibly to the most pressing challenges of today. Bebe is passionate about cross-disciplinary integration, civic engagement, and sharing the resources with which to evaluate knowledge production and co-constructed societal practices and institutions.


Laura Shaunette

Creative Maven

Laura Shaunette is a community programming and storytelling enthusiast. She and her wife Geneva founded The Downlow, a local storytelling event, in 2014 with Telluride Theatre, which is currently being developed into a podcast. In 2018 they also developed Back Pocket Creative, a custom event company. She aspires to cultivate spaces where people feel comfortable being themselves, and encouraged to collaborate and further understand one another. Her other passions include cooking, camping, and dancing to funky horns and handclaps.


Geneva Shaunette

Paper Pusher

Geneva Shaunette is an event producer, cannabis industry consultant, and a member of Telluride Town Council. In her 9 years of living in Telluride she has gained extensive experience working in bars, restaurants, outdoor education, and the cannabis industry. She is passionate about civic engagement, new ideas, community partying, and keeping Telluride weird. She loves her wife Laura, New Orleans brass music, tapas, salty cocktails, and witty political t-shirts.


Stephen Rockwood

Good Looking Stuff

Stephen Rockwood is a graphic designer based in Santa Barbara, CA. He specializes in brand identity, art direction and illustration.


Olivia Pedersen


Olivia has been designing and creating for over a decade. Creative by any medium necessary she designs websites, brands, and environments. Ideas originator, creative, dot-connector, and learning enthusiast Olivia is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Sustainable Design. Her mission is to design within sustainable frameworks using her craft as a tool to meet the needs of the present without compromising the possibilities of future generations. She joined the Original Thinkers team to build an easy to digest platform so that the big ideas this festival will bring to the surface can be granted awareness and action towards positive change.